Five Cat Sounds You Kind of Have To Love

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Aside from being super-cute to look at, cats have so many other aspects that we can’t help but love. While we can’t seem to get enough of cat photos, playing with our furry feline friends and hearing the uber-adorable sounds that come out of their little mouths is something we actually love even more! It’s a great way to know what a cat is feeling, and by hearing those sounds of happiness and being content, it has us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Here are five cat sounds you kind of have to love:

1. The Meow

Kittens meow more than adult cats in order to get their mother’s attention, while cats do it for the same reason to us humans. Not all meows are created equal though: it can mean they are sad, happy or demanding attention, depending on their tone of meow.

2. The Purr

Quite possibly the cutest sound a cat could make, we tend to believe that this means that cats are content and happy. While that is sometimes the case, it isn’t always! It is also used by felines to comfort themselves when they are injured or sick.

3. The Trill

This is a cross between a meow and a purr, but used as a friendly greeting, like, “What’s up?!”

4. Chatter

Used to communicate either excitement or confusion, you can often hear this sound when a cat is focused on something. This sound will come up during a situation like when they are watching a squirrel outside through the window and they’re anxious to go outside and chase it.

5. The Beep

While this sound isn’t the nicest, it is pretty amusing to hear a cat voice what they want. Cats usually use this sound when they want to get up in your lap. It can be interpreted as “Um, excuse me.”

Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images

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