Five of the Most Loyal Cat Breeds

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Dogs are well-known for being “man’s best friend” due to their staunch loyalty. In fact, dogs have a reputation for being more loyal than cats, but for cat owners, you know that is just not the case! Cats can be just as loyal – if not, even more loyal – than dogs; people just don’t know the loyalty and the magnificent power of cats yet. After all, cats can be even more affectionate and loving to their owners – and there’s proof in many ¬†loyal cat breeds!

Here are five of the most loyal cat breeds:

1. Egyptian Mau

This kitty may look wild with its naturally spotted coat, but don’t worry – this cat is more wild about spending quality time with his favorite humans! They are very friendly cats and will most likely to be found wagging their tail and kneading their paws on your lap.

2. Maine Coon

As these adorable felines grow, so does their devotion and loyalty to you. Maine Coons can get a little clingy though, and always wants to be where you are. They have earned their name “Gentle Giant,” as they treat strangers as friends and is usually very nice to children as well as other dogs.

3. Siamese

The talkative Siamese cat has no problem declaring their loyalty to people. They love and crave attention, and if they’re devoted to you, they will follow you all throughout the house. Siamese cats pretty much demand attention and will give you tons of it once you step through that door!

4. Devon Rex

The good-natured Devon Rex loves to cuddle, so get your best cuddles ready for this one! The feline is very affectionate in nature and is always ready to play with you. The cat also loves to ride on your shoulder, which won’t be hard to convince you to do, as it is very charming.

5. Persian

With their sweet eyes and expression, there’s no surprise that Persians top as one of the most loyal breeds. They tend to display their affection and fondness for the ones they love. Don’t be surprised if they jump into your lap suddenly and try to calm you down after a long day at work.

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

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