Five Reasons to Get More than One Cat

Rescued Stray Cats Wait To Be Adopted

It’s a big deal to go from a cat lover to a cat owner – that means you have the chance to hang out and cuddle with your furry feline friend any time you want! However, if you have the space and the funds to house more than one cute kitty, why not go for one moreā€¦ or more?! There are a lot of benefits and great reasons why you should get more than one cat. For starters, it will make your home filled with even more feline love!

Here are five reasons to get more than one cat:

1. You will be saving two lives instead of just one. By adopting a cat from a animal shelter, you are saving their lives. When thou adopt a kitten from the shelter, you give an older cat a chance to get adopted as well. With more than one getting adopted gives them even more of a chance.

2. Being the one cat can be lonely. Put yourself in your cat’s position: while being an only child has its perks, when it comes to you leaving it can sure be quite lonely! Having another cat around would help remedy that and keep the other company.

3. Having two cats is twice the fun! If you think that having one cat around to raise, you can only imagine how having two cats would be. Two times the furry felines?! Count us in!

4. They will help each other burn energy. Two kittens playing together all day long is enough to wear them out, so by the time night rolls around, they are pooped. One kitten would likely stay up and keep its owner up all night as well.

5. There should be less behavioral problems with two cats. Lonely cats tend to get into mischief because they are bored and lonely. With a playmate in tow, there should be fewer instances of those problems.

(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

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