Five Things to Consider Before Giving Away Your Cat

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Giving your pet cat away can be one very emotionally charged situation. There are various different reasons why owners have to think about rehoming their felines. While some situations really are unavoidable, people think they have to give their cat away because of situations they think they cannot control, but most of the time that isn’t the case. Before giving away your cat, think

Here are five things to consider before giving away your cat:

1. The “No Cats” Rule

One of the most common reasons people have to give up their cats to another owner is because their rented apartment/condo/house does not allow pets. It is often stated in the contract you have to sign prior to moving in, so that means it’s a done deal, right? Not always the case! Many landlords tend to use a standard contract that has that rule written in, but as a landlord, they could always change it as they see fit. In fact, sometimes they don’t even realize it’s in there, and some don’t even really care! If your landlord seems on the fence, you can try to assure no problems from your pet by providing a reference from a previous landlord, offer to pay a higher deposit, and/or offer to pay for professional cleaning services when it comes time for you to move out.

2. Allergies

Another major reason why people have to give their cats away is because they or someone in their household is allergic. While people think that allergies are brought on by the cat’s fur, oftentimes it’s actually because of the cat litter. A way to remedy that is to purchase dust-free cat litter, which will either reduce or, best case scenario, may even eliminate allergies all together. You can also try an air purification system, vacuum every day, switch from carpets to wood flooring and regularly wash your cat’s beddings.

3. Moving Abroad

Some cat owners get the chance to move abroad because of a job change or because of family obligations. Sadly, they think that they cannot bring along their cat and think they are forced to give it away and leave it behind. If your cat is quite elderly, that may be the best decision, but if they are still pretty young, you might just be able to take it with you.

4. New Baby

Longtime cat owners will sometimes give up their cat because they have a bun in the oven and think that a cat will be too much work or may even be harmful to the baby when it comes. Actually, it can be quite the benefit for the child’s upbringing to have a pet in the home. Also, according to clinical studies, living with a pet during their first year of life can help build up their immunities, especially to asthma and allergies. As long as you take precautions like closing the nursery when your baby is in there alone, keep your cat healthy as well as keep baby and cat food separate.

5. Behavioral Problems

Many cat owners will often give up their felines to others simply because they cannot handle certain behavioral problems. If you’ve had your cat for a while and they suddenly start to act up, be sure to take them to the vet first to make sure they aren’t just acting up because of health issues. There are also numerous cat advice forums and websites that can offer up some sound knowledge on your cat’s sudden behavior. Leave no stone unturned and fight for your kitty!

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