Five Things You Didn’t Know About Himalayan Cats


The beautiful felines that are Himalayan Cats are affectionate and gentle by nature, making these beautiful creatures even more alluring. They love to cuddle and can perch on your lap for hours. This ridiculously friendly breed gets along great with other cats, dogs, and children especially, which makes for an amazing little family!

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about Himalayan Cats:

– There are two face shapes in the Himalayan cat breed: the doll face Himalayan, as well as extreme Himalayans with the flat face.

– The temperament of these cats make them very approachable and affectionate, even to strangers! Unlike many others in their feline family, they are not afraid of strangers and, because of this tidbit, can even be easily stolen.

– Because of their pushed in faces, it can lead to problems with their eyes and teeth. They also tend to get discharge in their eyes because their tear ducts tend to become easily blocked.

– Dr. Clyde Keeler of the Harvard Medical School and Virginia Cobb of Newton Cattery partnered together in the 1930s to create a long-haired cat with color points like a Siamese. They had to breed two Siamese cats with two Persians and crossed their offspring to create the first long-haired color point cat. They selected the name Himalayan for the new breed because the color pattern of the cats mimicked that of rabbits and goats found in the Himalayan Mountains of Asia.

– The name for the Himalayan cat throughout Europe is the color point Persian. Most European countries do not recognize the Himalayan as a separate breed from the Persian. So, if you are talking to a friend in England and mention your new Himalayan kitten your friend may have no idea of what kind of cat you are talking about even if she owns a dozen of them herself.

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