Five Things You Didn’t Know About Tortoiseshell Cats

Cats are widely known to be independent and unique creatures – and none more so are tortoiseshell cats! Tortoiseshells are unique in many ways, especially when it comes to their personality and their color. While they have many things in common with their fellow felines, their personalities tend to resemble more of a dog-like attitude. They can range from having a short fuse to being more spunky and playful, but they also tend to be more friendly than other felines.

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about tortoiseshell cats:

1. Tortoiseshell cats aren’t a true breed of feline, and are often called torties or torbies (when bred with a tabby cat). They are also known as calico.

2. If you’re in the presence of a tortoiseshell cat, it’s highly likely they are female – they are almost exclusively females. Girl power! In the slight chance they are male, they cannot have children.

3. They have such a unique personality that is referred to as “tortitude.” These cats have a strong independent streak to them and are mischievous and very energetic. They are more similar to dogs than cats in the sense that they are more outwardly protective of their owners, very much so like a dog would.

4. It’s obvious to most that tortoiseshell refers to the cats’ coats, but what is probably lesser known is that their fur combines two colors – other than white – and is either closely mixed together or in large patches.

5. These unique felines are thought and believed to bring good luck in many cultures’ folklore: in the U.S. they are referred to as “money cats.”

Photo by Chris Weeks/Getty Images

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