Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Munchkin Scottish Fold


If you’ve seen a Munchkin Scottish Fold cat, chances are you probably have thought once or twice (or more!) about getting one. After all, these adorably small felines are not only extremely cute in the looks department, they also have big personalities with high energy. They just love to run, stalk, play and chase and are feisty, adventurous and affectionate creatures – you just can’t help but love and care greatly for them! They are sociable and people-loving felines by nature and they pretty much get along with everyone that they meet, making them a great and welcome addition to many a family. Whether you are thinking of adopting this type of cat through a breeder or just want to know more about them, there’s quite a bit you may not know about the Munchkin Scottish Fold.

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about Munchkin Scottish Fold cats:

– These felines are a cross between Scottish Folds (which are identified by their ears) and Munchkin cats (which are identified by their short legs).

– Munchkin Scottish Folds are best known for having round faces with short profiles, giving them an owl-like appearance.

– These felines are very rare and quite possibly the most difficult kitten to produce. If you are looking for one through a breeder, take note that waiting lists are usually quite long to get one – usually a year or more. It’s a long wait to get that feline, but definitely worth it for those cute little darlings!

– Munchkin Scottish Folds have recently been accepted by The International Cat Association (TICA) as an experimental breed. Also, despite what people may say, these cats will survive as long as you properly care for them and know the basics of taking care of them.

– These felines are now currently known as Scottish Kilts.

(Photo Source: Facebook)

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