Five Ways To Determine if You Have a Lazy Cat

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Cats are usually known for their playfulness and incredible energy. The agile creatures have the amazing ability to jump from one place to another with great ease and success. Most of the time, people can’t accuse cats of being lazy creatures – that is, until they actually are. There are some cats out there who are just lazy, fat cats. What’s a cat owner to do?! For starters, you need to make sure they are not sick or depressed for some reason, which will make it appear that they are lazy.

Here are five ways you can determine if you have a lazy cat:

– Your cat has gained quite a bit of weight. Even if cats eat a lot (which they tend to do) they burn it off when they run around and are active. However, if they are being lazy, the weight will creep on slowly.

– All your cat seems to do is sleep all the time. Granted, cats sleep a lot… A LOT. After all, there’s a reason why they refer to a certain kind of napping as a “cat nap”! However, if a cat is acting lethargic, it could be because they are depressed, feeling sick or just plain lazy lately.

– They refuse to play active games with you. While cats aren’t expected to do things like play fetch like a dog would, active cats will tend to take you up on the challenge of playing around.

– Their energy seems to have faltered since you first got them. Sure, they were probably young kittens when you first got them, but their energy has seemed to go way down through the years – and they’re not even all that old yet.

– Even grooming themselves seems like a chore with them. Cats are generally very clean creatures and are constantly grooming themselves. If your cat has started to groom themselves a lot less than usual, it may be that they are just being lazy… or they are sick. Take them to see the vet if you suspect the latter.

Photo by Putu Sayoga/Getty Images

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