Five Ways to Keep Your Cat From Scratching the Sofa

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Cats love to scratch anything they can get their little claws on: doors, posts, and especially your nice, expensive furniture. As much as we love our little feline friends, sometimes we just can’t help but get peeved that they destroy our sofas. There are a number of ways to keep your cat from scratching the sofa while keeping your sanity. The number one thing to remember is to speak with a calm voice (no yelling!) and to also have patience with your feline.

Here are five ways to keep your cat from mauling your sofa:

1. Use unpleasant tape and sprays. Cats are not huge fans of citrus smells, like oranges and lemons. Squirt orange and lemon scented spray by the sofa – or any other piece of problem furniture – to deter them from being in that area.

2. Give your cat a scratching post. If your cat doesn’t have a place of their own to scratch, no wonder they’re using your furniture! Provide them with a more appealing area to scratch: a post, boards, a cat tree or perch, or even a rope that they can claim as their own for their scratching needs. A bonus tip: put a pinch or spray of catnip in the new scratching post’s area to make it more enticing.

3. Trim your cats’ nails. Scratching sharpens your cats’ claws, so give your cat a trim every week to keep their claws dull and reduce the damage on your sofa.

4. Use water. Much like the citrus spray method, but a little more aggressive, use a spray can to give your cat a mist or two to get them away from the sofa. Every time they head toward the sofa and start to scratch, spray spray away.

5. ┬áPut clear packing tape on the surfaces where you don’t want them to scratch. The tape is nearly invisible to you and will prevent them from destroying things because the glossy feel of the tape is something cats don’t like.

Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

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