Flea Solutions For Cats

fleas on a cat

If you have an outdoor cat be sure to mow your lawn regularly. Fleas love the grass as much as your cat does, especially when it grows. Mowing your lawn and keeping your grass intact is not as attractive to fleas. Even if you have an indoor cat this is important because fleas travel and there is a possibility they will make way from your grass to your home. Heat from the sun will have and easier route to penetrating the soil which kills flea larvae. This may sound crazy but try not to kill ants if you see them vacationing in your garden. Ants and fleas are not friends! As a matter of fact ants love flea larvae and eggs. (Bla!) Of course if you have an infestation of ants you have to take care of the problem, but a few ants in your garden will be your friend when it comes to fleas.

If you are looking for an excellent product for keeping the fleas away, I personally only use Frontline. This is a reputable flea stopper and it does its job. However, if you’re not comfortable using Frontline there are other natural alternatives. Take a trip to your local pet store and talk to an associate about natural flea remedies. I recommend using a powder combination of rosemary, wormwood, fennel, and rue. Run the powder through your cat’s coat, tail, and belly. Because these are natural powders you can use them several times a week. Check with your veterinarian before applying natural remedies found online, as some natural ingredients that are often recommended, such as citrus oil, are not safe for cats.

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