Florida Firemen Save Cat Who Was Trapped in Family’s Home Walls


When Kendra Van Metre and her family began hearing the unmistakable cries of a kitten in their Deerfield Beach home in Florida, they knew something wasn’t right. For one, their family does not have a kitten. At first, the sound was something they heard in passing, but it continued for two days. When the family finally realized that there was not a kitten on television and that they were not imagining the sound, they began to wonder if they need to really begin a search. That’s when they did, and they were certain that the sound was coming from between their walls. Mysterious, the family called their local fire department and explained the situation. Responders came to the home and located the source of the noise.

It turns out that the Van Metre’s neighbors have a cat. Their cat was pregnant, and she managed to get up into the Van Metre’s attic to give birth. It’s not really all that uncommon when you think about it. Cats want a nice, quiet place to have their babies. However, the floor in the attic is not finished and the cat fell down between two walls and ended up stuck on a fire joist. They were able to tear a portion of the wall apart and save the kitten, who now has a loving home of her own. The family did not keep the kitten, but a friend of theirs saw the story on Facebook and offered to take it in themselves, and now the kitten has a happy home.

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