Forest the Ginger Rescue Cat Cruises Around in his Wheelchair

Forest the cat

When it comes to the will to live, nothing is stronger than the will of the cat in this next story.  Several months ago, a feline was found trying to drag himself along a busy sidewalk.  He was taken to All Valley facility in Meridian, Idaho, where he was named Forest.  During his stay, Vets and assistants worked hard to try to come up with a reason for his condition.

But after several days of tests nothing conclusive was found. While they know he suffers from neurological problems, it is unclear just what they are.  He also has issues with his bones, which contributes to his aliment.

The staff wanted to do something special for this ginger cat and decided to outfit him with his very own wheelchair.  This specially designed chair, acts as a replacement for his back legs.  While the staff was not sure how this feline would adjust to the chair, the results would soon shock them.

After the kitty was fitted with the device, Forest seemed to take to it very quickly. He began walking around the facility with ease.  But then he started to run.  This really amazed the staff and all were very pleased to see that Forest was going to be ok.

Now Forest can be seen running around the facility, zipping and zagging like any cat would.  He doesn’t seem to be slowed down by the wheelchair and he really utilizes it in a unique way.  This device has really changed his life for the better and I am sure that he is very thankful to have it.

Thanks to the fine folks at All Valley facility in Meridian, Idaho, Forest now has a new lease on life.  Surely he would not have lived long crawling around in a very dangerous city.  The person that found him and the staff at this amazing facility really did something special for this very loving feline.

So make sure to check out the video of Forest below.  You too will be amazed at how well he can get around.  The video will really bring joy to your heart.

 Image via KBOI 2 Facebook

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