Former 41-Pound “Fat Cat” Drops to 19 lbs with Help of Veterinary Clinic

The AP reports that after a routine checkup, Skinny, a former 41 lb cat who became internet famous due to his enormous size, is now down to 19 pounds.   Back in 2012 the orange tabby was found abandoned in a suburb of Dallas, Texas.  The cat suffered from a number of health issues and wasn’t even able to walk further than 5 feet.

However, by just 2 years ago, the cat was down to 27 pounds, and by 2014, 22 pounds.  Skinny hit his current 19 pounds weight two months ago all due to a special diet and exercise.  Dr. Brittney Barton first began taking care of Skinny at a pet orphanage before adopting him and having him spend time at her practice, HEAL Veterinary Hospital in Dallas. On weekdays, Skinny roams the clinic. On weekends, he’s with Barton and her family, the AP reports.

Barton says Skinny is living proof that while he’s supposed to be a large cat, “he’s not supposed to be an obese cat.” Ironically, the trim Skinny would likely weigh even less except for the massive skin accumulated from his time as a chubby feline.

“I’m happy where he is at this point in time,” Barton tells the News. “The rest is just excess skin.” In fact. Skinny might be in line for skin-removal surgery, although Barton says Skinny’s bone structure suggests his current weight is appropriate. “He’s doing great. He’s a very handsome cat,” Barton said, according to the newspaper.

Here’s Skinny in 2012.


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