Four Kittens Were Found Abandoned in a Cardboard Box


It’s always so heartbreaking to hear about cats getting abandoned and dumped, especially when they are young kittens who are way too young and inexperienced to survive on their own. Many of these cats often get dumped off the side of the road and in dangerous places where it’s practically impossible to survive and very easy for them to make one wrong move and get seriously hurt or can even get killed. Four kittens found themselves abandoned and left behind, which is a horrible thing – but lucky for them, a kind person found them and the felines were placed in good hands before something terrible could happen to them.

The four kittens (who were discovered to be six to eight weeks old) were found in a cardboard box at the Hamilton Racecourse in Lanarkshire in the U.K. on November 12 and were rescued by a kind civilian, who ended up handing the young cats over to Scottish SPCA’s Lanarkshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming center in Hamilton. Since arriving at the center, the felines have since been named CeCe, Jess, Zooey and Nick.

“The person who brought the kittens in said they saw a man in a blue Toyota Hilux vehicle dumping them at Hamilton Racecourse, which is only minutes from our centre,” manager Peter Fleming said. “The racecourse is a popular spot and whoever has left them would have probably assumed they would be found.”

While that is slightly admirable, Fleming points out that when it comes down to it, it is still an offense to abandon an animal and urges anyone who knows or recognizes the kittens to come forward. Either way, he says that they will continue to look after and care for the abandoned kittens until the center is able to find the cats new loving forever homes.

(Photo Source: Scottish SPCA)

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