The Funny Stuff Cats Do When You’re Taking a Shower

cat in beds

Cats are not the kind of animal you can really trust. I mean, you can love them and show them affection when they allow it, but you cannot trust them. The second you close the door, go to bed or leave the house, they do what they want. Sure, they’re perfect little angels when you are around. They listen to the rules, they cuddle with you, and they purr as you show them love. When you leave, however, things change drastically. It’s a different story. There is no good cat anymore. The good cat leaves with you when you go to work, and the real animals you live with come out. That’s right, cat owners. Your cat is not one that is having a good time taking naps throughout the day while you are out. Even when you’re taking a quick shower, your cat is doing all the things that it cannot do in your presence. If you’re unsure what that really means, here’s a great example of precisely what your cats are doing when you are in the shower. You might not like what you are about to see.


Yell at you

It’s true. Cats don’t like it when you take your attention elsewhere, especially if they need something from you and you are not present to make this happen. Your cat is going to give you a hard time when you are in the shower because it either wants to get in with you, or this is the time in which your animal finally wants something from you. Perhaps your cat wants you to feed it. Perhaps it wants you to get it some fresh water. Perhaps the sound of the water in the shower made your cat feel an indescribable thirst that it cannot help, and now it’s just mad. Or maybe he just misses you. Either way, nothing is less peaceful than a cat that is begging for your attention as you bathe.

cat in bed

Roll around in your bed

If you are anything like my husband and I, you do not like your cat in your bed. Our cat once used the restroom in our bed, and it was not good. He was immediately banned from our bed at that point, and that’s just the end of the story. That cat was not allowed in there anymore, and there was nothing that he could have done to change that. Our cat is not allowed in our bed, because he likes to lay there, get his fur all over everything and make us angry in the process. He’s not cool like that, and we are not having any of that. But when we get in the shower, leave the house or aren’t paying attention, we know he’s up there. We can see his fur. We can see it in his eyes.

cat in sink

Stare at you

Does your cat have a staring problem? Many of them do. Sometimes, the creepiest thing you will see all day long is the long whiskers of a little cat peeking around the edge of a shower curtain or tub when the cat is literally standing there stalking you as you shower. It’s not awesome, and it really does give you the chills. Our cat does this at times, and it’s nothing short of completely creepy and gross. We can’t stand it. I like to shower in peace, but no matter what I do, the cat finds a way into the bathroom. I think the kids let him in, but I’m not sure. Either way, I get a little creeped out at times imagining what my cat must be thinking as he is laying there watching me in the shower trying to be all stealth and slick about it. I’m scared.

hanging on the sink

Hang out on the counters

Now, I know that you do not allow your cats on your counters. We don’t; it’s unsanitary and quite disgusting. But that does not stop our cat from working his hardest to get up there. He likes to, instead of spending time on the counter, jump up onto the island, onto the fridge and onto the top of the upper cabinets so that he can watch the activity in the house from a safe distance. He is not a fan of being near us, and we are not a fan of him being on the counter. We think that we’ve cured him of his desire to be up there, but it turns out we really just cured him of his desire to be up there when we are present. Now he waits until we are gone and then he does it. I’m almost positive he recognizes the sound of the water shutting off or the lights going off in the bathroom and gets down when he sees or hears either.

lying in wait

Lay in wait

Cats have this innate ability to be nothing short of absolutely creepy; I mean, totally creepy. These animals can do things to us and to our feelings of comfort that have us shaking in our boots for weeks to come. My cat, for instance, is so good at this it’s not even funny. But then there are the cats that are so good at this that they are masters. When I’m in the shower, my cat sometimes lays in wait. In our master bath, we have a big walk around shower with a winding entrance. The cat can get in there into the deep, dark recesses of the shower that we cannot see until we are in the shower and have turned the corner. He can get in there, I can turn on the water and he can stay there, laying in wait, without me noticing him and without him getting a drop of water on him. When I think the water has warmed up enough and I get in, he will be staring at me from the far back corner of the shower. Nothing, nothing, gives me as much of a fright as the darn cat behaving in this manner. He’s out to get me, this I know for certain.

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