A Funny Video Compilation of Cats Vs Washing Machines


With their inquisitive nature, cats seem to always be intrigued by┬ámany a thing and always seem to want to be in all of the action – especially if you are doing something. Interestingly enough, felines always seem to want to know what you are doing and it’s usually when you are doing something menial, like housework and chores. One of the things that cats are particularly interested in is laundry. One of my friend’s cats is practically always perched by the laundry room, most likely curious about the smells and the sounds that come out of the room as the washing machine and dryer are turned on and are running. As cute and adorable we find them to be, cats can be pretty strange creatures and that rings true when it comes to something as common as a washing machine. Those little felines have been known to paw at the see-through door of a washing machine, either because it’s confused as to what’s happening in there or because it wants in.

In the video below, you can see a compilation of cats vs washing machines. The cats are pretty calm at the beginning when sitting in front of a quiet washing machine. But once they see the machine turn on, the felines go crazy, swatting and pawing at the machine, trying to get in on all the action! It’s hilarious to see them go from quiet, calm creatures to crazy and extremely excited in just a matter of seconds. They seem to be very intrigued by all of the clothes swishing around, getting cleaned. For five glorious minutes, you can enjoy the sight of felines being mesmerized by washing machines, incessantly pawing and trying to get inside. At one point, one of the cats gets inside and runs inside the machine, as if it were a hamster on a wheel. Oh, cats!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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