She Gave Her Grumpy Cat a Teddy Bear but Never Expected This!

Cat and bear

There are loads of cute cat videos all over the internet these days.  Most of them are uploaded on Youtube.  Today, I will share an adorable cat video that will surely melt your heart.  The cat in the video below is Timo, a very cute ragdoll, who also happen to be a grumpy cat.  So her owner gave her a teddy bear and was really surprised by the cat’s reaction.

As the video starts, you will see Timo sitting beside his big brown Teddy.  Then the duo spends some time cuddling and relaxing on the hammock.  Though the feline has that grumpy look, I know deep inside she is enjoying the warm and soft teddy she is lying on.  As you will see, the cat looks very comfortable and very relaxed.

After a few seconds, Timo the cat starts to lick her paws and then she looks at one of the bear’s foot and starts to lick it.  Then on the following scene you will see this very sweet feline giving her teddy bear some love by licking its face, especially the nose.

The two then moved on to chill on the bed.  Just like on the hammock, Timo is snuggling on the teddy bear’s warm and soft belly.  It seems like she really loves her teddy.  Not all cats will do the things that she did especially sharing her personal space.

It’s really wonderful to see a cat that’s both sweet and adorable like Timo.  I am amazed that this very lovely feline didn’t even try to play rough with her teddy like other kitties do.  It is really sweet to see this cat snuggling with the big brown teddy bear.  I am sure Timo and her new big best friend is inseparable.

While watching the video, I can’t help noticed how Timo is so cool in front of the camera.  She’s so natural and behaves really well.  Her owner is very lucky to have her.  Timo also have quite a few videos on her on Youtube channel that’s created by her owner.  So don’t forget to check this very adorable video before you go.

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