Genius Cat Plays And Feeds Himself At The Same Time


There’s no toy smarter than this cat. Perhaps this  toy might present a bit of a challenge for a less sophisticated animal, but not this cat. This cat is above that. This cat knows that what is being offered right here is not just a toy with treats inside; it’s his way of getting a snack anytime he wants one. For that reason, he’s going to do whatever it takes to ensure he gets exactly that. For this reason, he’s going to go ahead and he’s going to get the toys he wants. He is going to get the toy and the treats, and he’s going to eat and play at the same time.

My cat had the same toy, and he took ages to learn how it worked every single time he played with it. Clearly, he’s not a genius and he was not that hungry. Unlike this cat, my cat didn’t think that he had to get the treats out every single time because he was having fun playing. This cat is enjoying playtime, but he also knows that when he’s wasting time focusing on the playing, he’s missing out on the potential for some snacks; and he’s not down with that.

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