Get Ready to Make a Cat Themed Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween!


With Halloween less than three weeks away, most people are already getting into the spirit of the season. From decorating their homes to planning out the perfect Halloween costumes to partaking in haunted everything, there’s so much that can be done to get into the Halloween mood. There are many traditions associated with Halloween that people participate in year after year that really makes the holiday a special one, especially the classic tradition of carving pumpkins. After all, despite the mess that is pumpkin carving, who doesn’t love the satisfaction of creating their very own, one-of-a-kind jack-o-lantern?! There are a lot of great themes that come with carving jack-o-lanterns, but for cat lovers the answer to the question of what to carve your pumpkin is an obvious one: a cat, of course!

Here are some ideas and tips on making a great cat themed jack-o-lantern this Halloween:

Grumpy Cat 

There doesn’t seem to be a more famous cat these days than dear old Grumpy Cat! The angry-faced feline is the perfect jack-o-lantern idea. Put away those carving knives and utensils – this DIY doesn’t even require any carving!

Simple Cat

If you’re looking for a bare bones, no frills cat jack-o-lantern, this is your best bet. Little kids can even do this one, as it consists of basic shapes. It’s easy for kids to carve, with adults helping out the younger ones. You can even find patterns for this one all over the Internet, including this one from Reader’s Digest.

Stacked Cat

It’s simple really: carve a charming cat’s face onto your pumpkin for a personality-filled kitty jack-o-lantern and place of top of a slightly larger pumpkin on the bottom to give the cat a little (or a lot) more body.

Hissing Cat

This is a pretty popular one – and for good reason! It’s a great choice for older kids who can safely use the carving utensils with little supervision and have the coordination and precision to do so.

Painted Black Cats

It’s as if Grumpy Cat and Stacked Cat had a baby! Just like Grumpy Cat, these bad boys do require quite a bit of paint – even more so! The great thing about this one is that you can also get into the carving aspect of it by poking out pumpkin to get the perfect cat eyes. You would also need different sized pumpkins for the head as well as its body.

Cat with Ears

Carve your favorite cat face into your pumpkin to start off this jack-o-lantern. Then, use leftover pieces of pumpkin from what you carved out to make ears by attaching the pieces carving out notches to fit into or using various items like toothpicks and glue to hold them up.

(Photo Source: Alexa/The Swell Designer)

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