A “Ghost Kitten” Gets a Ride from a Good Samaritan

Ghost cat

Dan Foley, an Arizona motorist, stopped to help a kitten he saw walking on a highway in Phoenix but the kitten mysteriously vanished, which made him thought the feline was a ghost. On a Sunday morning last month, Dan Foley saw a kitten on Highway 51 in Phoenix while on his way home.  “I stopped to try to grab the kitten, and the cars are going around my car, and she bolted around the car,” recalls Dan.

After the cat disappeared from his sight, he decided to stop looking for the cat and continued to drive home to Chandler.  He arrived home after an hour and told his family about the kitten.  His family was baffled with the feline’s disappearance as well and the kitten was then known as “Ghost Kitten”, which was based on the animal’s disappearing act.  “We called her ghost cat,” says Dan.  He also noted that his children teased him that cat was just a part of his imagination.

After a few hours when the family was getting ready to go out to get some Super Bowl hot wings the kitten reappeared.  Dan’s daughter found the kitten hiding above the tailpipe.  “I got in the car and heard a meow,” says Amanda, the 14-year-old daughter of the Foleys.

Apparently, the kitten managed to hide in a tiny space above the tailpipe which is why Dan didn’t see her when she disappeared from his sight.  The Foleys named the kitten “Chance” because it was a miracle to them that she survived the heat.  “I’m surprised she survived. It gets hot in there, very hot,” Amanda explained.

Although Chance was pretty shook up with her ordeal, she managed to calm herself down and relax after only a short period of time.  In fact, Amanda said: “She calmed down pretty quickly. We gave her some food, water and love, and she seems to be doing pretty well.  She also mentioned that the kitten is really good and loves to be held. The Foleys are hoping that Chance will find a permanent and loving home soon.

I’m glad that Chance is a real cat.  She’s very lucky to survive the ordeal she had.  Given that it gets very hot in Arizona, she could have died easily from heat exhaustion in that tiny space above the tailpipe where she hid.

Even though the Foleys aren’t going to adopt Chance, I am still glad that they helped the kitten out and took care of her.  Their help and kindness was essential to Chance’s survival.  Hopefully, someone will adopt her soon.

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