Ginger The Kitten has an Adorable Trick She Wants to Show her Friend

kitten and canine

This amazing video, will really make your heart smile.  During this heart warming video clip, you will see a beautiful ginger kitten whose name is Koda, growing up beside her best friend.  The feline who is a rescue animal, was brought into the family at a very young age.  When the video first starts out you will see that Koda can barely get around.  She wobbles around her best friend, who is a dog named Keelo.  The kitten loves to cuddle with Keelo and even seems to think that the dog is going to nurse her.  Then the video moves to a few weeks later and the kitten is bigger than at the start.  Koda has learned how to get around better and can be seen playing near Keelo.  This is a real joy to watch. Koda tries to get Keelo to play with her, but the dog seems to want to relax.

As the video moves forward, the kitten really starts to grow.  The feline is now twice the size as she was, when we first saw her.  She is getting more confident and the bond between her and Keelo is really starting to take shape.  Koda enjoys playing with her canine friend and she shows Keelo a few tricks that she has picked up.  She jumps around the dog and does some really cool cat moves.  This makes Keelo want to play with the cat and the dog joins in on the fun.  This is amazing to watch and these two are really funny animals.  Its amazing how close these two have become and the owners of these animals are really lucky to have them.

At the end of the video the feline has grown so much.  8 months have gone by in what seemed like a few seconds.  Now the cat is an adult and the bond between her and the dog is even stronger.  Surely these two will love one another until the end of time.  Nothing will ever come in the way of these two and there story is wonderful.  To see the story unfold for yourself, please check out the video below.

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