Girlfriend Shares Story of How Her Boyfriend Accidentally Sold her Cat

Missing cat Camo

When pets go missing, the owners of the animals are faced with a mountain of uncertainty and a stomach full of butterflies. Many people treat their pets like members of the family and when they disappear, it’s a very tragic event.

Unfortunately, for the people in this story the tragic event has really rattled them to the chore.  It all started very innocently when a boyfriend was trying to help his girlfriend sell her mattress and box spring set.  But little did he know his good deed would not go unpunished.

The couple who lives in Portland, Oregon placed an ad for the bedroom set online and it was soon purchased.  During the day of the transaction, the boyfriend Roy Dufek helped the new owner of the set carry it to his car.  After the man left the girlfriend Hayley Crews noticed that her pet feline was nowhere to be found.  The couple searched high and low for the animal when Hayley remember that her cat’s favorite hiding spot was inside the box springs.

Once the cat was officially missing, Roy went across town to try and contact the person who bought the bedroom set.  He was able to get into contact with the man but the cat was nowhere to be found. Roy sadly returned home with the news and his girlfriend was devastated.

After feeling guilty for selling his girlfriend’s cat along with the bedroom set, he took to the internet for help.  He posted ads on several website in hopes that someone had seen the animal. He is even offering a reward for the pet to the sum of $200.

While no news has come out of his efforts, Hayley says she forgives her boyfriend because she knew it was a mistake. She is still sad about the incident but is trying to remain positive.  She hopes that soon someone will spot her beloved pet and give them a call.  The couple has even set up a cat trap near the home of the person who purchased the bedroom set in hopes to lure the feline in.

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