Good Samaritans Donate thousands to help abused cat ‘Bruce Almighty’


The story of Bruce Almighty, an abused cat who was found with his legs tied up with an electrical tape, has caught the attention of many people.  In fact, loads of good Samaritans donated money to help pay for his medical treatment. The poor cat was found in a garden in the town of Regina in Canada by concerned homeowners.  The animal was then taken to Regina Humane Society, where he was named Bruce Almighty by the staff because of his strong determination and will to live.

A GoFundMe campaign was launched to help with the feline’s medical expenses.  Good Samaritans answered the call to help Bruce.  In fact, the campaign has received more than $18,000 in donations in just four days.  A lot of those who donated money for Bruce’s campaign wished him well and a fast recovery, and quite a few have said that they want to adopt the cute kitty.

“The young cat was found with electrical tape tightly bound around his legs and paws.  The tape, which had severely restricted circulation over time, had caused massive tissue loss and infection in the extremities.  The cat, who had no identification, collapsed into the arms of officers and purred as they began the delicate process of removing the bands which had destroyed his limbs,” an explanation from the GoFundMe page for Bruce Almighty.

During a surgery, eight of Bruce Almighty’s necrotic toes were removed by the vets and they are hoping to save all of the feline’s four legs.  According to Senior RHS Animal Protection Officer B. Lerat said, the pain and suffering that Bruce endured is unimaginable. “He is fortunate that a caring member of the public alerted us to his whereabouts. The public really is our eyes and ears when it comes to reporting cases of neglect and abuse involving animals,” Lerat added.

I wish Bruce Almighty a speedy recovery and hopefully he will find his new permanent home soon after he gets better.  Bruce is sure a fighter and I applaud his determination and will to live.

If you want to donate for Bruce’s campaign simply click on the link  I’m sure he will appreciate your help.

For any information about Bruce Almighty’s case, please contact the RHS Animal Protection Team.

Image via Regina Humane Society

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