Great Story Behind BOO! the Cat


Boo is an amazing cat with an amazing story that comes to use from Angela Pavlica.

She was found abandoned in a laundry facility at our apartments at 4 weeks old. She had ear mite mange which we were able to clear up for her. She was the cutest little kitten now at 10 months, she’s our bigger kitten. Her name is BOO! (yes, the spelling is all caps with the exclamation point) because we got her on Halloween in 2012. She plays with all kinds of toys but her favorite is a squeaky dog snowman head we got her for Christmas. She was not even big enough then to carry it around, but she treated it like her own baby doll. Even now, she loves it. When she first got it, she couldn’t even wrap her body around it but now when we roll it in front of her, she pounces on it and wraps it up in her longer arms.

She weighs close to 10 pounds but that’s all (if she even weighs that). I take pictures of her all the time. Currently, though she is being confined to just 3 rooms and she doesn’t like that. My grandfather won’t let her out in the rest of the house. But that doesn’t dampen her spirits… she’s a very playful kitty who loves to nip at hands and other items… especially paper.

The photo submitted is one I taken just a few days ago.  I had tossed her a treat which she loves to pounce on, bat at and claw at when it’s in the air. But this pic is of her looking at the treat as if she’s not sure what it is or if she wants to eat it. To me, it is so cute. I would like it to be a “Caption This” type photo.

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