Here are Some Great Things Cats did in 2014


As we start the new year, we do new things and create new memories with our family including our pets. Today we are going to recap some of the great and memorable things that cats did last year. So buckle up because we are going back to the year 2014.

The Release of Grumpy Cat Movie

The fans of Grumpy Cat were so happy when they finally had the chance to watch the official movie about their favorite feline last year. Grumpy Cat rose to fame in 2012 when his owner’s brother posted a picture of him on Reddit.

Lil Bub Launched His very own Yule Log Special

Well, last year Lil Bub made his own Yule Log special, which is an hour long, and it features him sound asleep right in front of the popping sound of fire.

Tula the Cat


Tula is a lovely Maine Coon feline, who is always there to help an autistic little girl deal with her social problems.

A Cat posed for a Yearbook Photo

A senior high school student, who is very obsessed with cats posed for his senior portrait with a feline but was told NO by the principal. But after a petition the picture was posted on the yearbook on principal’s page.

The two-faced cat named Venus

Back in 2012, this adorable feline first rose to fame because of his one of a kind marking on the face. Last year, he made a successful comeback in popularity. (Shown Above)

The Comeback of Keyboard Cat

In 2007, Keyboard Cat wowed 38 million viewers with his sleepy piano routine. In 2014, he came back and headlined the Puppy Bowl with a great performance.

Taylor Swift’s Cat, Olivia and Meredith, took over her Instagram

Olivia and Meredith are the lovely cats of the famous Taylor Swift. But last year, they stole the show when people’s attention got redirected to them instead to their owner.

Tara the Brave Cat

A young boy was viciously attacked by a dog earlier last year, and Tara, who is the boy’s pet cat, came to his rescue and jumped into action.

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