Grumpy Cat is Building a Media Empire

"Cat Summer" Video Launch Party

Grumpy Cat is a well-known celebrity among cat lovers and pop culture enthusiasts alike. The always-frowning feline has made a name for herself with her signature pouty expression – people just can’t help but go crazy over Grumpy! At the fifth annual VidCon in Anaheim, California in June, the frowning female cat was present for a meet-and-greet with fans at the yearly digital convention. She is well-received on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; as well, she has a TV movie and national commercial in the works.  All this, for a cat?!

Grumpy Cat (whose real name is Tardar Sauce) may just be an Internet sensation now, but don’t dismiss the feline as just a one-hit wonder. While it may seem that she’s just the queen of the Internet, she really is like a queen! Grumpy Cat is estimated to have generated about $100 million in revenue, according to her manager.  That’s a lot of money that could be devoted to cat food and toys right there!

“This is a seven-figure cat, for sure,” reveals Grumpy Cat’s manager, Ben Lashes.”Don’t worry, she’s insured.”

Grumpy is without a doubt a superstar, and thanks to her success, her family gets to reap the benefits: her 28-year-old owner Tabatha Bundesen was able to quit her job as a Red Lobster waitress. Bundesen’s brother Bryan, a former Time Warner technician, was the one who initially posted Grumpy’s photo to Reddit in September 2012 –  it’s Bryan who deserves credit for exposing the kitty to the web prior to her catapulting to Internet stardom! You’ll definitely be seeing way more of her very soon: she will appear in a Lifetime TV special entitled Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever – and that’s only the beginning!

Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

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