Grumpy Cat Coffee: Just Another Addition To The Internet Craze

Grumpy Cat Coffee

Ok so we have all been introduced to the Grumpy Cat.  A few years ago the internet exploded with videos of this mad looking feline.  But this craze seems to have not let up just yet.  Many of you may have seen the movie based on this very popular animal and you might even own one of his stuffed toys that were made in his likeness.  But have you had the chance to taste Grumpy Cat Coffee yet?  That’s right you read it right, there is a Grumpy Cat Coffee brand.  Funny isn’t it? I personally think it’s a very fun and interesting product.

Many of you are probably thinking to yourselves why in the world does this feline have its own coffee brand.  But for those who are diehard fans you probably can’t get enough of this caffeinated beverage.  While some of might keep it as a collector’s item, there are lots that drink this stuff every morning. You might have trouble finding this drink if you live in a small town but you could always order it online.  But if you live in a larger city, there are probably lots of store carrying the stuff.  In fact, the company website indicates that there are now hundreds of stores across the country carrying their drink line.  While this isn’t a brew at your own home kind of beverage, it does come in convenient single serve bottles.  This drink has been dubbed Grumppuccino by its makers giving it a very cute and fun title.  I personally haven’t had the pleasure of trying this iced beverage yet, but who knows what the future may hold.  So if you are a huge fan of this feline you might just want to get yourself a few bottles.  If you are really big fan you might even want to order a case.

I simply can’t believe how popular this animal has become from just a few simple internet videos.  I wonder what is next for this very famous feline, its own clothing line, a fragrance in its name, or maybe a restaurant themed after his likeness.  While it’s too soon to tell just how far this will go, it’s surely amazing to watch.  I bet the owner of this animal is very pleased with her.

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