Grumpy Cat Continuing Growing Empire with a Coffee Line


Grumpy Cat AKA Tardar Sauce is probably the most famous cat right now.  Known for making that grumpy face we’ve all come to know and love, she’s got her hands full.  First she wins “meme of the year.”  Then she signs a book deal.  Oh, there’s also a Grumpy Cat movie in the works.   And what’s the latest for the funny faced feline?  A coffee line called Grumppuccino.

On July 27, Grumpy Cat announced to her more than 100,000 Twitter followers that Grumppuccino, a Grumpy Cat–branded iced-coffee drink, would be coming soon. According to her agent, Ben Lashes (yes, she has an agent), the brew will be available online starting August 7 (yesterday) and comes in three varieties: vanilla, mocha, and regular coffee. The tagline of the new brew is “It’s Awfully Good,” and Lashes swears that it tastes delicious.

The idea came stemming from the fact the many people are in fact grumpy in the morning. The product itself is going to be shipped to a number of golf courses and stores in September. Given Grumpy Cat’s ability to draw fans this coffee thing just might work.

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