Guinness Names World’s Largest Cat

Normally we only do posts about domestic cats on this site but we just had to share this video with you guys.   After all it only happens once a year and when a world record relating to cats is announced, we’d like you guys to know about it.  Recently Guinness named the world’s largest cat.  Fittingly this liger’s name is Hercules.   Hercules weighs in at over 900 lbs and is over 4 feet tall.  To put that into perspective, that’s 100 times more than your average house cat.

Currently Hercules on a Wild Life Preserve in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where he’s well cared for.   On the flip side, Guinness announced the world’s smallest dog, Millie.  She’s shorter than a soup can and weighs about a pound.  Something tells us that Hercules wouldn’t be too scared of this little chihuahua.

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