Guy Has His Mercedes Dismantled To Free Trapped Cat

cat in car

We all know that Mercedes are expensive cars.  But owning an expensive luxury car didn’t stop this one man from saving a cat that was trapped inside.  This story is very complex and just how the cat got trapped inside will amaze you.  Its seems that the man was driving his car down the road, when he noticed a few teenagers standing on a sidewalk looking up at a tree.  The man stopped and asked the teenagers what was going on and they told him a cat was stuck up a tree.

Worried about the cat, the man got out of his car and tried to help the animal down.  But the feline jumped out of the tree and fell into a small river, which was below the tree.  The man quickly jumped into the slow moving water and pulled the cat to safety.  But before he could do anything else, the cat got away and ran under the man’s car.  Then the feline climbed inside of the car’s engine and refused to come out.  The scared animal was trapped inside and there was only one thing that the group could do.

After some careful thought the man called a wrecker and had the car towed a local dealership.  While at the dealership part of the engine was carefully removed and the cat was freed.  The man took the cat and placed it somewhere safe, while his car was being put back together.  After his car was once again in working order, the man took the feline to a Vet where he was given a clean bill of health.  Now that the cat is well and safe, the man has decided to keep the cat.  But he says that he will have to convince his girlfriend to let him keep the animal inside.  This story had a very happy ending and now the cat has a forever home.  Hopefully the man’s girlfriend will be as kind as he is and allow him to keep the cat.  For more on the story, please check out the video located below this article.

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