Hairless Kitty Lost at the Airport is Found!

missing hairless cat

A hairless cat that was in transport via Delta airlines, was suppose meet his new owners in another country.  The feline was being flown from Canada to Florida.  The family had purchased the cat from a breeder and was looking forward to meeting the cat for the very first time.  But something happened and the cat went missing.  When the cat arrived in Atlanta for a stopover, a baggage handler accidental broke the crate the cat was traveling in and he escaped.  But the family was not immediately notified and after four hours of being missing, the airline informed the family of the missing cat.  This was upsetting to the new owner, who thought the cat had boarded a plane headed to Tampa, Florida.

Once the family got the news that their new kitten was missing, they quickly offered a reward for his capture.  The family spoke with the media about the incident and started a Facebook page dedicated to his safe return.  A reward of $2,000 was posted in hopes of quickly finding the cat.  After searching high and low for the cat and several days going by, the feline was finally located.  A Delta employee found the kitten and brought him to safety.  The feline was checked out by and Vet and returned to his owner.

missing hairless cat 2

As for the reward money, Delta paid the full amount for the family and they were very thankful.  On the Facebook page the family is quoted as saying this about the incident “We want to make it known that DELTA WAS AMAZING IN ASSISTING US WITH FINDING OUR BABY!! Every employee at that airport wanted to find Rudy, especially those who worked for Delta!! We want to thank Billy Freeman for being there for us and helping is right along, JB Boynton, Rachael King in security for allowing our search teams and posting of signs, the SVP Of Delta for picking up the entire $2000 reward out of surprise, the super tug and baggage teams overnight!!! All of the ACS team!!! Thanks to all of you and every single person on this Facebook page, RUDY IS HOME!!!!!! We all kept rooting for Rudy and it worked!!!!!!!!”

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