Half Frozen Kitten Elsa Has Found a Forever Home

Orange Tabby Kitten

Many of us have seen the movie Frozen and it’s a really good film.  But the Elsa in this story isn’t a cartoon character.  The cat in this story is a very lucky animal and was found half frozen to death on the streets of Denver.  She was brought to a local rescue group called the Denver Dumb Friends League by a concerned citizen, the cat whose name is now Elsa was at deaths door.  A few more days or even hours out in the cold would have probably killed this very cute little kitten.  In fact, when she was brought to the center the staff didn’t think she was even alive.  She was so cold, she felt like a brick of ice.

But the staff didn’t want to give up on the little animal and brought out hair driers to try to bring this cat back to life.  While this was going to have to be a miracle because this feline was so cold the thermometer wouldn’t even take a reading. But after working on her and giving her an IV she started to respond.  It wasn’t long before Elsa was moving around and she opened her eyes which made everyone in the room extremely happy.  They thought they were going to lose her and now there was a lot of hope for her.

To the shock and surprise of the staff she quickly recovered and is now in very good health. It really is amazing how an animal can be so close to death and make a complete recovery.  I guess it is true that felines really do have nine lives.  I for one am really happy that this sweet little fur ball made a speedy recovery.

Now that the little kitty is all better something else amazing happened.  Someone has adopted her and she now has a loving home to call her very own.  While this story didn’t start out too well it really does have a happy ending.  Elsa not only was saved from a near death experience but she also got a family of her very own.

Image via ljcybergal at Flickr.com

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