Hallie the Rescue Cat Helps Heal a Broken Heart


Just before she got married, Emily’s husband had lost his Siamese cat. She had a cat that was used to living on her family’s three acre field with their cat, and she took the male cat with her to live in their third floor apartment. The transition was hard for the feline – he was alone all day while they worked and had nothing to do, so they decided it was time to get him a friend.

Emily’s husband went to the animal control one day to adopt a cat as a surprise for her. They had agreed their current cat would do best with an adult female. Her husband immediately saw a Siamese cat in one of the cages. She was howling and pawing at him, but since the tag on her cage said she was a boy, they overlooked her. Her husband spent 30 minutes playing with another cat all the while the Siamese was screaming and pawing toward him. He walked over to her one more time and asked if the assistant would check to be sure that she was a boy. Sure enough, they were wrong. Her husband claimed the female kitty right then and there, named her Hallie and brought her home.

For the first few weeks with them, Hallie the rescue cat was pretty skittish and had a significant hair loss, but she fit into their family perfectly. Now her hair is back and she is quite the social butterfly. Emily’s never seen a cat bond to anyone the way she has to her husband. The family believes that the cat was truly sent from heaven to help heal her husband’s broken heart.

Photo Source: Emily via The Animal Rescue Site

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