A Hamster Wheel Big Enough For Cats


Admit it: as cat owners, we often feel guilty for making our domestic felines stay indoors 24/7. While there are many dangers awaiting outside for our cats, there’s a wild element to cats that make us feel like they should be running around outside. After all, it’s not like cats can go to the gym to get their exercise like humans can if they can’t be outside… right? Even hamsters have the hamster wheel!

Enter the cat wheel: it’s like a treadmill, but for our feline friends! Sean Farley and his team in California invented One Fast Cat, a hamster wheel that is essentially for cats. According to Farley, the One Fast Wheel is a product that is inexpensive, lightweight, snaps together and is able to be assembled in ten minutes – no fuss at all and easy to be put together in minimal time. With One Fast Cat, they want it to look like a piece of art that would fit anyone’s living room. At the moment, existing cat wheels are very large and expensive to ship, costing from $500 to $1,500. But their product would only cost cat owners less than $200 – where can we get one?!

The video below is One Fast Cat’s Kickstarter video, with Farley explaining the whole concept of One Fast Cat. At the moment, the creators have developed the product, have gone through different prototypes of it and have even made the tooling and injection molds for the tooling of it. Right now, they need to raise $10,000 to make their first production run of the cat wheel. Would you get one after watching the video?

Photo Source: YouTube 

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