What Happens When You Tell Nine Cats Breakfast is Ready?


As alert and playful as they are, cats will often respond to nearly everything they see and hear. One thing that really gets cats going, though, is food. When felines are really hungry – and that is usually often – they will stop at nothing to get to where the food is at! Cats will often wake their owners up early in the morning to let them know that it’s feeding time – and if they aren’t up already, they will definitely do everything in their power to wake them up, especially with their power meows and screeches that work on waking up their humans every time. Having to wake up early to give a hungry kitty is already enough of an issue, so imagine having to do it every day for not just one or two but NINE cats! In a viral cat video, nine cats are seen at breakfast time ready to get down to business.

In the video below, you can see a number of cats pushing open a door to get to where their breakfast is at. Just when you think that those are all the cats, even more appear, pushing the number to nine. The nine famished felines make their way and huddle around two big bags of food and nine pristine white (and very empty) cat food bowls. One excited kitty already makes their way into the bag of food, not caring to put it in their bowl first – talk about a hungry cat! The other cats look around, while some are still walking around. Once their human starts to scoop out the food from the bags, they start to really get excited. At one point, you can see all nine kitties chomping away at their food, almost in unison. The cats, whose names are Musashi, Michelle, Maru, Kojiro, u, Taro, May, Mi-ke, and Lulu, all have very hearty appetites, but for that many cats are also very well-behaved and well-organized when it comes to feeding. Imagine having to deal with that every day!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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