This Happy, Ticklish Kitten Will Always Put a Smile On Your Face

Tickled kitten

Kittens are some of the most playful and fun loving animals in the world.  One of their favorite things to do is play with their owners.  But being tickled by their pet mom or pet dad is something they really enjoy. As you will see in the video below, this tiny little Scottish Fold, is really enjoying being tickled.  You can really tell that this feline is happy and full of life!  I just love her reaction when her owner is rubbing on the belly with their fingers.  She seems to love this and paws back at her owner, as if she is trying to tickle them as well.

This tiny kitty rolls around on the floor and you can tell that she is very ticklish in nature.  She often tries to get away, but comes back for more fun.  This is a really great video to watch if you are a cat lover.  It seems that there must be a lot of people that love cats, because this video has over 25 million views! As you will find out, this tender little kitten is super sweet and very playful.  She gently tries to bite the fingers of her owner, but never get too rough.  This is a sign that she is a well-mannered cat and she will grow up to be a very well rounded adult.

While this is a very short video, it is really fun to watch.  I had to re-watch it over and over again so that I could continue enjoying the kitten having fun.  You can almost see a smile on her face, which is really adorable.

The video has been around for since 2008 and now the cat is 7 years old.  Now this cat is fully grown and might even have kittens of her own.  That’s really amazing to think about and I am sure she is still a very happy cat.  I wonder if she still enjoys being tickled by her owner.

So check out the video for yourself and make sure to share it with your feline loving friends.  I am sure they will thank you.

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