It’s Hard trying to Eat When There’s a Cat Around

cat loves people food

For those of you that are feline owners, you can probably relate to this next video.  As the man sets down to enjoy a nice dinner, his kitty decides to join him.  The hungry cat takes every advantage he can, to try and grab a piece of the man’s food.  The man struggles to eat his meal, but he tries not to let the animal bother him.  This video is really meant as a joke and the man knows that the kitty is just being a cat.  But it sure is funny to watch and the man has a funny look on his face each time the cat tries to steal some food.

Then the video clip skips to another meal, that the man is trying to enjoy and it looks like it might be pizza.  While most cats don’t like pizza, this one sure does seem to want some.  Then the man can be seen eating some popcorn.  Each time the man sticks his hand in the bag to get a piece, the cat slaps his hands.  This is really funny and the feline seems to also enjoy popcorn as much as he loves pizza.

The man eats several meals during the video and each and every one of them involves the cat.  It seems that this is an everyday thing at this household and the cat is very demanding.  It would be very hard for the man to have house guest over and a dinner party would be out of the question.  Maybe the man has outdoor BBQs and keeps his pet kitty inside during the event.  This would be the only way for anyone to enjoy a meal at this house.  But this kitty doesn’t mean any harm, he just really love the smell of people food.  The man knows better than to give his pet people food and the cat looks very healthy.  So it’s only kitty kibble for this cat, even if he is not happy with it.  Before you go, please check out this amazing video.  You too will probably relate to it if you have a cat at home.

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