Healthy Supplements for Cats: Enhance Your Cat’s Quality of Life

Green Eyes Cat

Having a feline friend can be an incredibly rewarding relationship. Cats are wonderful creatures to know. No one has ever truly owned a cat and they offer their human companions cozy comfort and soothing purrs in return for a little housekeeping and warm spots to relax in around the house.

Keeping our friends healthy is often a primary concern. Trips to the vet can be uncomfortable for both of you, as well as expensive. As cats get older, they often get specific health concerns that may require supplements or dietary changes. We can help our cats stay healthy, give them a better quality of life, and even increase their lifespan by using the right supplements for our feline friends.

Probiotic Formulas for Cats

Probiotic formulas have become quite common for cats. Many cats suffer from digestive issues, particularly long-haired cats, as their hair can often enter their digestive system when they clean themselves. Cats, just like humans, will be able to digest pretty much anything in their youth, but as they get older, they may develop digestive problems or intolerances to certain foods. Probiotic formulas for cats can be found in most large pet stores today, and of course online. It is important to look for a formula that is suitable for the size of your cat, and its breed if it is a pedigree cat.

CBD oils for a Healthier, Longer Life

Many compounds that offer humans medicinal benefits, also have a lot to offer our cats. Cannabidiol, or CBD, has a lot of beneficial properties for humans and their feline friends. It can help with immunity, inflammation, and also aid digestion. CBD oil for cats has also been used to treat feline anxiety and hyperactivity. Cats are also often very fond of CBD oil products and hemp-based products, responding to the smell and taste in similar ways to Catnip. Adding a few drops of CBD oil to a cat’s food can often turn a fickle eater into a greedy cat that can’t get fed enough in a day.

Getting a Healthy Coat for Your Cat

There are supplements available for cats that can improve the quality of their hair, and even help them deal with furballs and hair clumping in their digestive system from cleaning. A good balance of vitamins and minerals help give your cat’s coat a healthy, vibrant shine, and help your cat grow strong but fine hairs. These are easier for your cat to bring up and out of their digestive system, preventing awkward furballs and clumping further in their digestive systems that sometimes require surgery to remove.

There are times when a cat can be your best friend in the world. Taking care of our cats and giving them the best and longest life possible is a duty we have created with the bond we share with our feline friends. If we find the right supplementary support for our cats, we can help them lead active and healthy lives for as long as possible and enjoy their company for many more years.

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