Help Save the World’s Fluffiest Cat Known as the Manul


There is a growing concern over the poaching of a very secretive wild cat called the manul.  It’s also known as Pallas’s cat.   Millions of years ago the manul was related to the leopard.   It’s a native of Siberia but isn’t a particularly well known breed. ‘The measures that are applied to poachers now are not strict enough’ warned Vladimir Krever, WWF coordinator on biological development.

“We don’t have exact statistics on manual poaching but we know that it takes place. The exact number of the species is unknown because of the secretive behaviour of manul and the patchiness of its distribution. Daurovsky Reservation (in Chita region) is the only one in Russia that is located in the area of the manul’s habitat – and where the animal is studied.”

The cat is currently labeled as “near threatened” by the Red Book of the Russian Federation.  Unfortunately to poachers it’s also known for it’s amazingly full and soft coat of fur.  Manul hunting is currently forbidden in Russia but unfortunately this hasn’t stopped poachers from continuing to kill this animal.

New legislation is expected to help the manul but awareness needs to increase.  Please do what you can to help save the manul!

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