Here’s What a Crazy Cat Person from 1872 Looked Like

Crazy cat lady

Crazy cat people have been around for a very long time.  In fact, in the picture above you will see a woman dressed in 19th century wardrobe surrounded with many felines.  The picture shows how people that are crazy with cats live back then.  A New York Times editorial titled “Cats and Craziness” was published in August 11, 1872.  The editorial talked about people with extreme love for felines.  These people are described to be “insane man or woman who lives in a garret, in the intimate society of three or four cats…perpetually coming to the public”.

According to the editorial, the crazy cat lovers in the 19th century are rich people.  These wealthy crazy cat lovers considered themselves guilty for being so attached with the felines and they would try to hide this fondness from their neighbors.  The death of the crazy cat lovers makes way for the public to learn about their cat infatuation.

Once a wealthy crazy cat person die, he or she will often leave money in a trust to make sure that his/her beloved kitties are well taken care of even without their presence.  In fact, an Ohio man was reported to not only left his felines with a grand place to live and food to eat, but he did more than that; he insured a constant supply of healthy and attractive amusement for them.

In case you are wondering, why the lunatics are just fond with cats and not with dogs?  The answer that was stated in the editorial says that, “there is evidently a bond of union between the lunatic and the cat which does not exist between sane persons and that undesirable animal.  Possibly this bond consists in the fact that in most cases the lunatic develops a stealthy, tortuous cunning which assimilates him in some degree to the cat.”

The writer really find the extreme love that crazy cat lovers gave to their pets to be very troubling.  He ended his editorial with the conclusion that “the student of lunacy might well occupy his time in investigating the cause of this curious and frequent feature of insanity.”

The editorial was well-written and entertaining but it is also insulting to cat lovers.  I think the writer hasn’t experienced life with cats or maybe he was just fascinated that some people can actually express their love for their animals in that extreme level.

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