Here’s a Guy That Designs Suits of Armor……For Cats

cat suit 3

Artists over the years have used a lot of different mediums to honor cats.  From ancient times, to the modern day era, cats are often the subject of art.  These beautiful creations remind us that dogs are not the only best friends we have.

On man has taken cat art to a whole new level.  In fact, his work has never been done before.  You see, Jeff de Boer likes to build armor.  But the knights who are going to were his suits are not from medieval times.  In fact, they are not humans at all.  The armor that de Boer has designed will only fit felines.

While the suits of armor are not meant to be actually worn, they are beautiful display pieces and they are perfect for cat lovers.  These breath taking armor plated suits are very detailed.  They look as if they would belong in a museum and not someone’s home.  Many hours has been put into these pieces and if want one you are going to have to fork over a pretty penny.  Some of these works of art will set you back up to $25,000!

cat suit 1

This piece is one of my favorites.  As you can see, a lot of detail has gone into making it.  I wonder if my pet kitty would fit in it. I can’t imagine that he would be able to carry around this heavy looking suit.

cat suit 2

Another piece that was inspired by medieval times, this one really looks like it took a lot of work.  I wonder how many hours were put into making it.  I can imagine that this one will bring a high price.

As you can see, Jeff is a really talented guy.  He has worked many hours to create these works of art.  While I couldn’t afford to purchase one, I am sure that there are many cat lovers out there that can.  But for us commoners, we can at least get to enjoy looking at these wonderful photos.  Once you see these photos you too will be blown away by the details that this artist has put in them.

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