Here’s What It’s Like to Be Woken up the Feline Way

cat wake up

Having to wake up in the morning for some of us is a hard task.  But when you are a cat person this task is often made simple by our feline friends.  As you will see in the video, a very beautiful black and white cat is acting like an alarm clock and waking up his owner. The owner of the cat has decided to record the event and the kitty is playing into the camera.  With a very loud purr the feline rubs his face and nose all over the man and the camera lens, in hopes of waking him up.  This does the trick and the man starts to pet his kitty friend.  This super sweet cat really seems to love his owner and is very gentle about waking up the man.

While this video is really short, at only 45 seconds, you can tell that the cat really does love his job.  Each and every morning this cat wakes up early, so that his owner will not be late.  There is no need for an alarm clock in this household.  The cat probably sleeps in the same room with the man and probably in the same bed.  He knows what time the man should get up and always makes sure to help him up.  This is one of the best ways to get up in the morning and not having a loud alarm clock blaring in your ear, is a major plus.

Cats can be very helpful and they are such loving animals.  Many cats do things to help their owners and are very proud of their achievements.  Watching this cat wake his owner up is a real treat and we are very lucky that he decided to share it with the world.  It seems this feline has other videos out there as well.  This super short video has gotten over 500,000 views already and is climbing fast.  Maybe this kitty is the next big thing on the internet.  So if you want to see this super sweet kitty, make sure to check out the video located below.

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