Heroic Cat Saves a Baby from Freezing to Death

Hero Cat

Cats are smart animals.  One cat in Obninsk, Russia shows her intelligence and loving nature when she saved a baby from freezing to death.  This is a heartwarming story that any cat lover should read.

Masha is a long-haired tabby and she is also a communal cat who is loved and cared by the local residents.  One day while roaming around the neighborhood, Masha found a baby boy discarded in a box that kept him warm.  The smart feline decided to meow loudly in order to get attention from the people that were passing by.

Luckily, one of the residents who knew the feline heard her meow for help.  Irina Lavrova described Masha as a very placid and friendly cat. In fact, the cat would always come and say hi to her.   So when she heard the kitty meowing, she thought the cat was hurt and she went to investigate right away.  Irina was stunned to find Masha lying next to the baby boy inside a box.

Cat saves baby

According to Lavrova, the baby boy was well-dressed with a little hat and had some baby food and diapers left in the box as well.  She also added that the mother instinct of Masha took over upon seeing the abandon child and that’s why the cat protected the baby.

The baby was taken to the hospital by the authorities and the doctors pronounced the baby to be healthy and fit.  The hospital spokesman told Central European News, “The baby had only been outside for a few hours and thanks to Masha…he was not damaged by the experience.”

After the incident, this brave cat is the new local hero and has gotten a lot of attention and love from many residents.  The people in the neighborhood are so proud of this feline and have spoiled her.  “We have all spoiled her rotten by giving her her favorite food”, said Irina Lavrova.

This is an amazing story of how smart cats are and how loving they are.  Masha showed the world that animals do have feelings.  If she didn’t meow for help the baby could have freeze to death or get sick from the cold weather.  This is a great example of animal’s heroic act.

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