Heroic Cat Saves Family’s Home from Fire


When you’re debating on whether to get a dog or a cat as your family’s pet, sometimes it can be a split decision. Both dogs and cats have pros and cons to them, but let’s face it: we know that cats are the way to go! Sometimes it can take a major sign to show you that felines are always the answer. Matt Clayton and his family’s decision in getting a cat over a dog was proven to be the right decision after an amazing feat by their heroic cat!

Tilly, the newly-adopted Clayton family cat ended up saving its family when a fire started in the roof of their home in Melbourne, Australia. That day, Matt was leaving for work later than his usual time when Tilly would not allow him to pass. The feline kept looking up, staring at the ceiling and wouldn’t stop purring. There was a quiet, non-smelling fire happening on the roof and the dangers of it were kept hidden – until Tilly made it apparent to Matt something was clearly wrong. He touched a down-light and immediately smoke came billowing out.

It was quite the amazing action the cat took, and even the firefighters were shocked to learn that a cat had such a great intuition and couldn’t stop singing her praises!

“If Tilly wasn’t there, it would have been a catastrophe for sure,” Ken Campbell, the local fire chief, told their local news. Campell added that if it weren’t for the feline, the insulation would have caught fire and the whole house would have gone up in flames in just 20 minutes.

Three weeks ago, the Clayton family went to the animal shelter to rescue an animal. At the shelter, they found their precious Tilly. The feline was not a pretty sight to see: she was ridden with fleas and was just a downtrodden mama cat that had four kittens of her own.  Her owner, for one, is grateful that he took a chance on Tilly, opting to adopt the cat instead of going for his first choice: a dog.

“I never thought the cat would save the house. Crikey!” Matt admitted.

Photo Source: 7News

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