Heroic Cat Saves Owner and Other Cats From a House Fire

cat saves owner

A 5-year-old Maine Coon feline named Kenny saved his owner and other cats from a house fire in Greenstead, Essex, UK. According to reports, Kenny notified his owner when he noticed a fire in the kitchen. The smart cat ran upstairs and woke his pet dad, 31-year-old Chris Oakley, by jumping up and down on his chest because one of his fellow cats turned the stove on and accidentally started a fire. When Oakley didn’t wake up, Kenny continued to jump up and down and even wailed loudly until his pet dad finally got up. After his pet dad woke up he led him to the kitchen to the smoke-filled kitchen. Chris was able to put out the fire before it spread throughout the house.

Chris lives in the home with his parents, Colin and Gill, together with Kenny and three more cats that are also Main Coons. During the incident, Chris and the cats are the only ones home. “He really saved the day. Kenny has always been an interested and curious cat and he just wouldn’t let it go and thank God he didn’t,” Colin said. “He just jumped up and down on him. He really wanted to make sure Chris got up and got down to the kitchen,” he added. Colin Oakley learned about the incident when he got home from work and smelled a strong smoke smell. PDSA, a charity organization for pets, gave Kenny a commendation award for his heroic act.

We are pleased that a pet organization recognized Kenny’s heroic act. This kitty sure does love his family and he showed it by not leaving them in time of trouble. Kenny could have easily run for his life when he saw the kitchen was on fire but he didn’t. Instead he went upstairs and woke Chris up. If the feline didn’t exert the effort to alert his owner about the danger, the incident could have ended up tragically. Thanks to this quick-thinking cat! We bet Kenny is getting tons of love and attention from his family (human and fellow kitties), who are very grateful to him for saving their lives.

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