Heroic Cat Saves Owner from a Dangerous Gas Leak

Gas leak

Today I am going to share a story of a cat who saved the life of her owner by notifying him about a dangerous gas leak. Allan Nott, who is retired, lives with his cat Perche Pearl Camina in Penywaun, in the Cynon Valley area of South Wales, United Kingdom.  According to Nott, his cat saved his life by alerting him to the gas leak and he wants the smart feline to have a medal for the heroic action she did.

So how did Perche Pearl Camina notified her owner about the gas leak?  After smelling the funky odor of gas, the kitty acted up in a strange way. She kept going back to the gas box and tried to get Nott’s attention to come and check it.  At first, Nott thought the cat was just wanting her breakfast and so he came to the kitchen and fill her dish.  But to his surprise the feline didn’t pay no mind to the food.

“I went to fill her dish but she wasn’t interested in it one bit – she kept taking me out through the passage to where the gas box is kept. She was acting oddly and I noticed she was sniffing the gas and trying to get my attention.  I’m very lucky she did. I believe she could have saved my life because I didn’t know about the leak.”

Allan was able to smell the gas right after his cat brought the issue to his attention.  Then he turned off everything in his house, opened the windows and called for help.  West and Wales Utilities came out and fixed the gas leak problem.  Nott is very grateful to be still alive and he believes that he owes it to his cat Perche Pearl Camina. The group Cats Protection is supporting Nott’s claim on how his cat saved him.  Their spokesperson stated:  “Cats’ sense of smell is very much superior to that of humans, so it is entirely possible that they can detect smells that their owners can’t. We do hear stories like this from time to time.

Back in 2012, a cat named Basil was a finalist for the National Cats Award.  Basil also alerted her owner about a gas leak, the same problem that happened to Nott and Perche Pearl Camina’s situation. Hopefully, Perche Pearl Camina will get to be selected for this year’s National Cats Award.  She is one smart and lovely cat.  Her petdad is sure lucky to have her.

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