Heroic Cat Tara Receives a Hero Dog Award!


The video you are about to see is very disturbing.  It all starts when a five year old boy is riding his bike in the driveway of his California home.  While you cannot see his mother in the front yard, she is watching the child as he plays.  The weather is nice outside and they are enjoying the day.  A car is parked in the driveway and the child is riding the bike around it.  A few seconds into the video, you will notice a dog comes into the view of the security camera.  This medium sized dog carefully sneaks around the car and the child does not see him.  What happens next will really shock you.

The child has his back turned to the dog and the canine runs up behind the boy.  The dog then attacks the child, snatching him off of the bike.  The dog bites and pulls on the child’s leg and then something amazing happens.  In a matter of seconds the child’s pet cat runs up and attacks the dog, making the canine run in fear.  The cat follows the dog and forces the much larger dog to flee.  This brave cat then runs to the child, to make sure he is ok.  The mother then runs to help the child.

All of this was caught on a security camera that was placed in front of the home.  The world has seen this video and it has now gone viral.  This prompted The Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles to give this feline an award they normally give to a canine.  The cat, whose name is Tara is a very brave kitty and really loves her family.  She risked her own life in order to save the boy and would do it over again any day.  The normally peaceful cat can be very aggressive when it comes to protecting her family.  If you want to watch this very brave cat saving the boys life, you can find the video located below.  But be warned that it is a bit graphic.

Image via  https://spcala.com/

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