Homeless Cat With Herpes Infection in Eye Gets Another Chance

Olivia 1

A very sweet and beautiful cat has recently been given a second lease on life.  Olivia the cat has had some rough patches in her life, but she doesn’t let it show on the outside.  This lovely feline was turned into an animal shelter, because her owner became homeless and simply couldn’t take care of the cat.  But this wasn’t the only trouble that Olivia was having.  After arriving at the shelter, workers noticed something very wrong with her eyes.  It seems that the cat was suffering from a herpes virus that infected her eye.  The shelter then contacted Sante D’Or Foundation, who agreed to rescue the cat in hopes of saving her eye sight and her life.

After the Sante D’Or Foundation took in the feline, they placed her with a foster parent who could watch her around the clock.  But the virus spread to her other eye and she went totally blind.  This was very sad news. But there was some hope that with the right combination of surgery and medication could help the cat see once again.  The foundation decided to go ahead with the surgery and after a long period of recovery, Olivia has regained her sight!  This was great news and everyone was super excited to hear that she had regained some of her vision.  She will always have the virus in her body, but she is doing much better and is expected to live a long and happy life.

The video located below, will give you more information on Olivia and you will get to see this beautiful cat in action.  Olivia is currently living with her foster parent, but is looking for a forever home.  She would make the perfect companion for anyone looking for a laid back cat.  If you would like to adopt Olivia you can do so by contacting the Sante D’Or Foundation at this link www.santedor.org.  Make sure to check out the video and if you know any cat lovers out there, make sure to share it with them as well.  Olivia has a promising future thanks to all the people who worked hard in her behalf.

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