How Many Cats is Too many Cats in a Home?


A cat dispute in the city of Soda Springs is getting some attention because a woman simply wants to help out cats. Rhonda Trosper is living in a small mobile home but wants to make a difference in the world by helping as many cats as she can. Rhonda says, “Just work with me, but don’t you know, because there’s kittens out there and some of them are too young to fend for themselves. And like I said when they trap those adults, those kittens are going to lay under these trailers and die.”

Rhonda is trying to help solve a cat problem in her neighborhood but there’s a city ordinance on her (only) that says she can only have 2 cats in her home. Trosper doesn’t think she’s being treated fairly as she simply wants to feed homeless cats. Rhonda hasn’t said she won’t disobey the law but she’s a little troubled by it since there are no laws in Soda Springs limiting the number of cats in a home.

So this begs the question. How many cats SHOULD be allowed in a home. We’ve seen too many instances of cat hoarding so it’s tough to draw the line. In our opinion we think it’s as many as is feasible. If there’s a millionaire couple out there that can provide the facilities for 100 cats then so be it. On the other hand 100 cats in a small apartment is another issue. It’s a tough debate.

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