How to Choose a Scratching Post for Your Cat

simple cat scratching post big tower

If you want your cat to have have a free trip forever to an all-inclusive cat resort, then please pick a scratching post with everything in it!  Your cat might just pass out from excitement when they see the tower that they get to have to scratch, play, and sleep in.  This scratching post would be equivalent to a five star hotel for humans.  You will be able to give your cat several different posts to scratch as well as the toy on the the string that they love so much!  Not to mention they will have three cat beds all to themselves.  If you have several cats then this scratching post will still accommodate each one of their needs.  You can finally sleep without twitching during the night while you’re having nightmares about your torn furniture.  Keeping your cat happy is a priority of cat owners but you have to make yourself happy, too.  Buy them a scratching post and start to breathe normally again!

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